Visual Ways in Relay Running

Visual Ways in Relay Running – Many people like to run to get fit in the body. As in the relay running game requires a cohesiveness in a team. The following is a review of the give and take stick technique with visualization.

Visual Ways in Relay Running

Visual Ways in Relay Running

1. The Visual Way of Changing Sticks in Relay Running

This technique is used when the player who receives the baton will look at the player who gave it by turning to the giver of the baton. Here’s how to do it:

The process of passing begins when before the stick is given, the player who gives positions the stick in his left hand. Then, the player who received has turned to the player who gave. However, it is still done while running.
The player who receives will extend his right hand closer to the left hand of the player who gave. The general position of the hands is on the palms facing up.
The four fingers of the receiving player are in a tight position and face down with the thumb open. Finally, the stick can be given from the top to the bottom of the receiving player.
Finally, the palm of the receiving player will face back and tilt up. The player will look at the player behind him and position his fingers together and open outward. Meanwhile, the thumb is open facing inward to be ready to receive the stick. This time, the stick will be swung to make it easier for the recipient to catch.

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2. Non-Visual Relay Stick Technique

Non-visual techniques in relay play can also be performed with no vision between the player giving and receiving when the stick is given.
That is, the player who receives will not look back at the player who gave. Here’s how to do the baton non-visually:

Like the visual way, but the receiver doesn’t look back at the giver.
Straighten your right hand and hold your hand up. The sticks are given from top to bottom.
Non-visual methods are widely used in 100 x 4 meter distance relay races.