The Importance of Food Visual Arts

The Importance of Food Visual Arts – Food often makes many people become focused on that one focus. Often people take photos of the food they want to eat and then post it on social media. So how often do you get your appetite stirred by an interesting photo of a food or want to try a new restaurant because it’s trending on social media? If it happens often, then welcome to the era where social media has changed the food behavior of modern society. Where taste is no longer the main priority, the important thing is that it looks attractive to taste or is popular among the public.

The creations are not only in taste, the appearance and shape of the food can also be transformed into various models like the items that are around us. Well this time, we will see a variety of food creations with a deceptive appearance. Everything is jaw-dropping!

The Importance of Food Visual Arts

1. Fried Chicken Ice Cream
At first glance the dish above looks like a piece of fried chicken thigh that is so crispy. Eits, make no mistake. In fact, it was ice cream shaped like chicken thighs. With pretzel sticks as “bones”, the formed ice cream is covered in white chocolate, caramel, and sprinkled with corn flakes.

Even though the ingredients are fairly simple, if you want to try to make it, get ready to be tired because the process is more complicated than you think.

2. Cigarette Ashtray Brownies
Have you ever thought about eating a cigarette ashtray? Well, for those who want, you can make it using brownie cake dough as the base for the ashtray. Then, topped with a sprinkling of mashed lady finger biscuits. To add to the impression of cigarette ash, don’t forget to mix the crushed biscuits with activated charcoal powder and powdered sugar.

Next, you can melt the white chocolate and shape it so that it looks like a cigarette butt. The chocolate taste of the brownies and the sweetness of the chocolate cigarette butts will be ready to shake your tongue!

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3. Crepe Towel
Besides being made into a layer cake, crêpe can also be served in the form of a towel, you know. So, first you have to make the crpe dough, then let it rest in the refrigerator for an hour. After that, the dough was cooked and made about 3-4 sheets.

You line up the crpe sheets and add the filling in the form of a mixture of whipped cream and cream cheese along with pieces of strawberries on top. Roll it up, then sprinkle with powdered sugar to give the impression of feathers on the towel. It is certain, it tastes good and makes you addicted!

4. Sponge Cake
Regular sponge cakes may be boring, but what if they look like real dish sponges? To make it, you will need butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, flour, baking powder, and buttermilk for the cake batter. Then, the mixed dough is divided into two and each batch is colored green and yellow like a sponge.

Don’t forget to grind the surface of the cake a little to give it a rough impression. Also add foam—can be made by whisking milk—to make it look even more like a real sponge. How? It’s so cute, isn’t it?