Fun Visual Novel Games

Fun Visual Novel Games – For those of you who like to read novels, you can not only enjoy the novel, but you can also feel the visual novel like being in the story. Here are the best PC visual novel games

1. ACE Academy

ACE Academy presents a background story where a mecha technology called GEAR which was initially developed limited to military purposes, is now used for commercial purposes such as the sports entertainment industry. You will follow the story of a teenager who has just transferred to ACE Academy, a school that studies the development of GEAR in Japan.

There are hundreds of dialogue options that you will face and of course will affect the continuation of the story. Likewise, when fighting, you will be faced with choices of action to bring down your opponent, or just the opposite. There is also a dating sim element, where you can interact with several other characters and grow a sense of love.

Fun Visual Novel Games

2. Clannad

Clannad follows the story of a delinquent teenage boy who can be said to have no purpose in life after his mother died and his father made him unable to play basketball anymore. But things slowly change when he meets a girl who has a dream to revive the disbanded drama club where they went to school.

Those of you who have watched the Anime and were made baper may be interested in trying this one game. Although it’s not too much different, of course there are some interesting things that can only be found from this main Visual Novel. This game also presents an element of choice matter which will take you to one of the six main routes in Clannad.

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3. Steins;Gate

Time machine and time travel is indeed a premise that is quite cliché in the entertainment industry, but Steins;Gate is able to package it into a very interesting and tense. Follows the story of a group of young people who experiment to travel through time, but the experiment actually invites ‘interested’ parties who endanger their safety.

Just like Clannad, chances are you’ve watched the Anime adaptation first. But those of you who want to know in detail the plot of the Steins;Gate story, of course, have to play this visual novel. If the Anime follows the true ending, in the game you can find various endings depending on the dialogue choices you will face.

4. The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia tells the story of a school that only has five female students who have ‘special’ conditions. You will follow the story of an ordinary boy who transfers to the school and is asked to live a life like an ordinary schoolgirl and not get involved with the affairs of the five girls, or is he?

Not different from visual novel games in general, The Fruit of Grisaia has a branching storyline that is determined by the dialogues you choose during the game. There are five main routes that represent each heroine.

The author also recommends playing the follow-up games, namely The Labyrinth of Grisaia and The Eden of Grisaia. However, please note that the Steam version does not feature adult scenes like the Japanese version.